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by - June 01, 2010

Recently I've gotten a plethora of new followers. Yay! and WELCOME to my humble ramblings, because in all reality that's what this blog truly is. Okay, so it's not really that bad.

Since you guys are new to my scene (I never thought I'd be able to say I have a scene), I thought it would be fun for me to introduce you to what I do. Most people are relatively curious about what a t.v. producer does, and I'll go ahead and answer your most burning question: I don't make squat. I'm over-worked and under-paid on a daily basis. Seriously, my paychecks are laughable.

It's not a bad gig, but I have to be honest here and let you know that I never ever expected to be where I'm at right now. I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but I never really wanted to go the route of t.v. My aspirations have always lay in the world of the printed word, though not necessarily as a writer. Don't get me wrong, I love to write but my real passion is editing other people's work and taking all of the little parts of a publication and putting them together to create the finished product.

In a way, though, being a television news producer is almost the perfect job for me. And it would be the perfect job if it had more of the design aspect you find in newspapers and magazines. As it is, I guess I can technically say the only design-like work I do is decide the order or line-up of my shows, but there's nothing quite like arranging the text on the page with the photos and headlines and all other elements that go with a publication.

Anyway, the gist of what I do is determine the order of my show and then edit the scripts. I also cut some video, but there's not really much to say about that part mainly because it's not very interactive. All I do is double-click here, hit the "i" key here and then the "o" key there, drag everything down to this line and then hit export. I'm sure there are lots of other cool things you can do, but since I'm not a video person by nature I just stick to the process I just described.

It should be noted at this time that my schedule is completely backwards from that of normal working people. I go in at 11:00 p.m. and get off around 7:15 a.m. That's why my posts are hella early in the morning. I usually write them in the hour before my show goes on the air. Then while all you normal people are going in for your ordinary day shifts, I'm asleep. And because I'm poor I don't have my own internet source yet, so my intenet access at my apartment is limited which means I'm pretty much only using the 'net while I'm at work. That should explain why my comments are almost a day late on all of your blogs.

Another part of my job is staying alert to the scanners, which is annoying at best. On most days I want nothing more than to chunk the obnoxious chatter boxes out the window, but that's enough about that. If you'd like to read more about my scanner adventures check THIS and THIS out.

To be honest, my job is the inspiration for this blog. It's my last link to the world of printed news, although it's a small link. I try to find interesting things in my newscast or on the news wires that are interesting and then put my spin on it. I don't ever alter the facts, but you always leave knowing exactly how I feel about the subject. 

With that being said, lately the news is completely depressing, which is why I've been giving you more glimpses into my personal life. Speaking of which, I've got a problem. See there's this guy who keeps hitting on me, in spite of the fact that I blatantly told him my boyfriend doesn't like it. He keeps trying to get me to invite him over so we can "hang out." And he's taken to texting me at what I like to call the booty-call hours of the night. The problem is that we work together and it's gotten really awkward. We're not on the same shift, but eventually we could be and it's gotten to the point now where I come in later just to avoid the off-chance of running into him. I don't want to file a formal complaint against him but I want him to leave me the hell alone! Any suggestions (other than letting my boyfriend beat him up... I'm pretty sure that's grounds for me getting fired)?

Oh, and while I was searching for a picture to start this with I typed "tv producer" into the google images search bar and I got a pretty crazy result. Want to see? I know you do.

Where the heck does that fit in with tv producer?!

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  1. Haha I love the random google search results. No matter what you put in there's bound to be a half naked girl with the matching search terms. WTF. How do they manage it?!

    I don't know about the guy at work. That's a tough one. If it's awkward and he carries on, he's obviously oblivious to the distress he's causing. You should try explaining what you feel your options are ie going with a complaint, and he might back off? That's me pretty much drained of advice! Good luck with it though xo

  2. Sarah - Google images is pretty predictable in that sense, right? For about a week I posted the off-the-wall results that came up when I entered my topic into their engine. It was pretty entertaining!

    And thanks for the attempt at advice. My coworkers have suggested adding his wife on facebook. LOL

  3. well the job sounds pretty cool, and i wish it paid you better! maybe someday you will make more!

    as for the jerk that won't leave you alone, i think you either have to be more bold and tell him to KNOCK IT OFF, or have your bf beat him up. or go to hr, but i think that is a last resort (i used to work in hr -- HORRORS)!

  4. Drollgirl: It is a cool job, most days. Today not so much. LOL And I'm scheduled for a miniscule raise next year so there is hope!

    And thank you for the advice. I actually ended up making it where he can't talk to me online and totally ignored him when I saw him last night.

  5. I guess they're trying to say that if you continue to be a TV producer making little money that eventually you'll look like an anorexic model because you'll be starving?

    But really, I dunno... Image searches confuse me sometimes.