Family Reunions & Adventures at a Bowling Alley

by - May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, one side of my family has a reunion. And let me tell you, it's in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong - the state park is really pretty, but it's literally in the middle of nowhere. And there are always some weirdos coming out of the woodwork. I'm not trying to talk bad about them (okay, so maybe I can't help it), but some of these people are from the real backwoods.

For example, apparently it's acceptable for cousins to be romantically involved. Case in point: there are two girl cousins who're about my youngest brother's age. And it should be said right now that my baby brother is way too cute and nice for his own good. Last year at this reunion, these two girls blatantly followed him around, despite the fact that his very obvious girlfriend was hanging from his arm. This year they upgraded - they had cameras and were taking pictures of him. Can you say creepy?**

**I'm not actually blood-related to these people so don't worry, none of the inbreeding traits are embedded in my bloodlines. Also, it should be noted that my stepdad's side of the family is untainted.

 I went bowling for the first time on Saturday. I was really nervous about it, too. I'd only ever wii bowled... and I have to admit, I'm not very good at it. But guess what?

I got three strikes!!

Apparently I didn't thrown the ball the way you're supposed to, but you should have seen it. I was like a little kid that's just gotten a bicycle or a pony for Christmas. I was jumping up and down, clapping my hands and probably squealing. Don't ask me how I managed to get three strikes, 'cause I honestly don't know. The first one just kinda happened. So did the other two...

The boyfriend and I were there with his roommate and her boyfriend and cousin. So anyway, her boyfriend's name is Bert (I always want to ask if he has a friend named Ernie but don't know how well that would go over). I'm telling you his name to make the conversation I'm about to share easier to follow, 'cause boyfriend 1 and boyfriend 2 just seems confusing. Heck, I'm not even sure which one would be which!

Boyfriend (after I bowled my first strike): Now just do that every time. 
Me: haha
Bert (after bowling a gutter ball): That's what you gotta do from now on.
Roommate (hadn't heard original comment): What? Throw gutter balls?

I also beat the boyfriend in pool (there were tables at the bowling alley). I told him I wasn't very good, which I'm usually not. I can see the shots I need to make, but I can't ever hit the white ball where I need to hit it with my stick to make it do what it needs to do so the colored ball will go in the pocket (I almost called it a hole...). But in the first few turns of the game I was totally on point. And then he ran the table on me and got stuck on the eight ball so I came back and beat him.

He probably let me.

Oh, and I've got a question for you guys. In my medical segment this morning there was a story about how college kids aren't as empathetic as they used to be. It went on to say that back in the 70s college students were more likely to try to understand each others' perspectives and then said that researchers believe the media is partly to blame for this decrease in college empathy. What do you think?

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  1. Probably guessing that students aren't as empathetic because of social networking and electronics. I mean, why try to understand the small number of people around you when you can talk to the entire world?

  2. Wow. Your brother must be really cute!

    About the college kids, yes. I noticed too that most of them are less empathetic. And most of them think they are mature for their age. But they'd rather have fun than care about other people. So I think it's the definition of maturity now. LOL
    But I'm not saying they're all like that. It's just something I've been noticing lately.

    Anyway, I wish I could play bowling. The ball is just too heavy for me. (I think that excuse sounds better than actually admitting that I'm just lazy.) Haha!

  3. @Richard: The sad thing about social networks is that the general public automatically associates them with the media. I guess it's because they're dubbed social media. It's unfair. But I agree, social media has taken a lot of the "personal" out of daily life, especially in college kids since they're the ones who mainly use it.

    @Gnetch: Maturity. I like that. Although I think there are some people that never mature to the level of having empathy, but that was true before the "media" started corrupting everyone.