Warning: Hard Hats Must Be Worn Beyond This Point

by - May 17, 2010

You know how guys make fun of girls when they're trying to do something construction-like? Well, this past week I've been not-so-much domestic as I've been constructive. I'm not sure I worded that sentence in a way that makes sense but it's 4:00 in the morning so I'm allowed. Anyway, see that tool kit up there? If you're female then you know the vast realm of tasks that can be accomplished with those two items... plus a pair of tweezers if you're in a jam.

For example: I bought these two really awesome black-and-white pictures of lilies to hang above my couch. They're really modern-looking and I'm very excited about them. Anyway, I hung them yesterday, but I don't have a hammer. My mom left her nail/screw kit at my apartment but she took her hammer home. Thoughtful, right? So I used the next best thing to pound those nails into the wall... the heel of my boot. Don't laugh. It worked, and despite what the boyfriend says they're up on that wall to stay (at least until I move out).

Despite my success with picture-hanging and putting together an end table and t.v. stand all by myself - a feat I'm very proud of - I know I'm not a carpenter, and just in case I wasn't sure... the chairs I bought to go with my dining room table reminded me yesterday. I was following the instructions, moving along quite nicely when I got to this part involving screwing the chair legs onto the seat using an allen wrench. I tried, I really did. And I failed. Nothing in my woman's tool kit was up to the task, so I laid everything out nice and orderly and let the boyfriend put it all together when he came over!

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  1. Looks like your Macgyver kit needs more work! :P

  2. Your boots' heels must've been really strong.

    Know what, I so envy you for doing those tasks. Each time I have to hammer something, I call my brother. LOL

  3. Richard: Nah. I just don't have enough upper body strength to penetrate wood! lol

    Gnetch: It's just a thick rubber heel, lol. But if it's got instructions, I can pretty much put it together. But if you asked me to just build something out of random pieces of crap, there's no way!