Moving Day

by - May 10, 2010

In case you've been wondering where I've been, just check under the pile of boxes currently sitting in my dining room... But seriously. I spent my weekend moving, and I'm not done yet. There really is a pile of boxes in my dining room, maybe not that high but pretty close.

All the dust and sweat have not been kind to my nose. I can breathe through it, which is a blessing, but it sure does hurt. It actually feels like a tiny little midget elf is standing on my left cheek leaning against my left nostril.

And let's not forget all the random bruises and cuts and scratches I have that can't be explained. Man, I'm falling apart!

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  1. I'm moving soon too. :P Glad though I don't have tons of boxes to move! :D

  2. First of all, congrats on your move! *hug* Second of all, I understand. I recently had to move as well. Dust and cardboard are two of my biggest allergens. Please, don't ask about the cardboard. It's a tragic story. :(

  3. Richard: I didn't actually have a whole lot of boxes to move. I'm actually having to buy all new stuff so that's where the boxes have come from mostly. They were overtaking my dining room for real!

    Christina: I kinda want to know how you finding out you're allergic to cardboard is a tragic story... but only if you want to share.