Mind Boggling

by - May 20, 2010

So I don't have anything really pertinent to talk about today. The news is chock-full of news on the oil spill (which don't get me wrong is a really big deal for this area but there's really nothing useful I can say about it here), Elena Kagan's supreme court nomination (every time I see her name, I think kraken...), the failed Times Square bomber (who I think really wanted to be caught but I can't figure out why), and other things of that nature. The protest leaders in Thailand have surrendered and Greece's financial situation isn't improving. Oh, and the volcano with the crazy name in Iceland is still erupting. Crazy, depressing stuff going on in the world of news.

So I was browsing around on Yahoo looking for something interesting that isn't depressing when I saw three mind-boggling articles in a row. Unfortunately I failed to get the links to them, and I'm too lazy to go search for them again so you're just going to have to take my word for what's to come (or you could just go to Yahoo yourself and look them up).

Mind-boggler #1 (btw I'm doing these in the order I originally saw them) - obscure uses for rubber bands, besides making a really cool bouncy ball. That didn't make the list... but here's something that did and I kind of feel like an idiot for not ever thinking of it, hence the mind boggling part. You can wrap a rubber band(s) around the lid of a jar you're having difficulty opening and it opens for you like magic! No more having to find the nearest person of the male persuasion to get into the pickle jar...

Mind-boggler #2 - Justin Beiber has been nominated for a BET Award.

What?! I think that's sufficient for this one.

Mind-boggler #3 - Megan Fox will not be appearing in Transformers 3. Apparently she made some pretty snarky comments about the director, Michael Bay, in an interview and then the crew members posted an open letter to her online calling her a grouch and unfriendly. There was some more blather about Bay writing a blog about it saying he and Megan still get along and he looked forward to working with her on Transformers 3. And there are conflicting stories as to the development of Megan's non-appearance. Her reps say it was her decision, while other sources say it was ultimately Bay's decision to take Shia Labeouf's character in a different direction - one that doesn't include a love interest.

Now that I'm done boggling your mind, here's a tease for tomorrow's entry.

Your job is most likely hazardous to your health.

That's all you get for now, but tomorrow I'll tell you why. And let me just say this: all of the reasons apply to my job. Isn't that great?!

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  1. Mind boggle #1: Rubber bands are the shiz.

    Mind boggle #2: Damn you for blogging about Justin Bieber. I hate the kid. But seriously? BET? He doesn't even sing rap? I mean, he did that one song with Ludacris or somebody, but...

    Mind boggle #3: Megan Fox isn't nice? I guess the world is upside down. Yes, that was sarcasm.

  2. Richard: hahaha She kind of looks like the kraken to me...

    Christina: I did the Justin Beiber thing purely for the fact that he's about as far away from being black as a snowflake. I knew you wouldn't like it but at the same time you would appreciate the what?! factor.