Death by News

by - May 21, 2010

My job is slowly killing me.

No, really, it is. And yours is probably slowly killing you. As I told you yesterday, I found this article on Yahoo about office health risks. Unfortunately it's been removed and I can't find a link to it anywhere. However, I emailed it to myself so if you'd like to read it, just ask!

Anyway, I was reading the article and I got to the first risk and I thought, this totally applies to my job. Then I got to the second risk and thought, wow so does this. To save you four more of these we'll skip to my reaction upon reaching the end of the article - My job is killing me!

It's giving me carpal tunnel. No, really. My job is completely computerized. It can't be done without one. I organize the show on a computer. I edit the scripts on a computer. I cut and edit video ON A COMPUTER. And when I'm in control of the tape list while the show's on air... well, that's on a computer, too.

It's pretty hard to do my job standing up. The eight or so hours of sitting causes lower back pain. The boyfriend pops my back at least once a week, usually multiple times. The last time he did it, I had been in pain for the better part of a day. It cracked in the upper part, the middle part and the lower part.

My weather girl suggested that I get a clock and schedule regular laps around the newsroom, which would help with the lower back pain and also the other joint pain that my job causes (and yours too, I'd wager). I don't like sitting with my feet hanging off my chair so more often than not I tuck my feet up under me, but that 1/16th Cherokee is hiding and doesn't let me sit like an Indian without my knees and ankles protesting.

The constant staring at a computer screen is causing eye strain. I'm serious. My eyes have gotten so much worse since I started working here. My glasses barely put things into focus anymore, but I haven't manned up and gone to the eye doctor yet because I hate that thing that blows air in your pupils...

If you look in the dictionary under live t.v. I'm sure you'll see this definition: stressful situations. Too much stress can lead to heart attacks, which just so happens to be the number one cause of death in the U.S.

Maybe I should look for a new line of work.

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  1. Or, you should start drinking. :P

  2. So I'm not the only one who hates that eye puff thing? Good.

    I'm sorry your job is killing you. I promise I'll go to your funeral.

    But I agree with Richard- drinking does wonderful things to make you not care about the fact that things are causing a slow, painful, annihilating death.

  3. Well, and this is directed to you both, the schedule that I work and therefor live my life by doesn't really have a good day or time in which to drink.