Failtacular Tuesday

by - May 12, 2010

So I told you guys a couple days ago that I moved over the weekend. Well, I bought this really cute bookcase that I was uber excited about because I'm a total book junkie, or as my boyfriend would say - a nerd. Anyway, my dad and I struggled for close to an hour to put this thing together.

The instructions were massively complicated. There was nothing written - just a bunch of pictures with numbers/letters labeling parts. And the pictures didn't necessarily go in the order of how you put it together.

But we prevailed and finally got the two separate pieces put together and connected.

Then I spent the majority of Saturday afternoon arranging everything just so because I'm a perfectionist.

Then yesterday, it exploded. Well, I guess exploded isn't the best word to describe the destructive process. Just understand that I was sitting on my couch watching t.v. when I heard this sliding sound coming from that corner. As soon as I turned my head, BOOM!!! Books, pictures, random knick-knacks and pieces of bookcase everywhere.

I cried.

And then, after I had cleaned it all up and gathered the pieces of bookcase into a pile to be taken (angrily) back to the store, I decided I wanted supper. And what do I do? I spill tomato soup all over my kitchen.

Tuesday was just a major FAIL.

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  1. Oh my... I don't know what to say.

  2. Richard: You sound like my boyfriend...

    Gnetch: How 'bout, "we all have days like this"? lol

  3. I applaud your epic fail. Only you, Ashton... only you... :)

  4. Christina: This is not meant to be applauded. It really was a sucktastic day.

  5. I sorry. I figured quality time with your dad and epic failure would be a plus. Unless there were other things about the day that made it all sucktastic. Because we've all had those bad days. You could always blame your woes on wherever you got the bookcase from. You know, point the finger at capitalist douches.

    I still applaud the epic fail, though. I don't take back applauds. :( *hug*