I'm fighting a war.

by - May 26, 2010

No real post today.

It feels as if an army of midgets has taken up residency inside my face (yes, my face). And they're all armed with picks/chisels/hammers with which to pound on my nose, cheeks, temples, forehead and eyes.

In other words, I'm battling a sinus-induced migraine. I keep throwing benadryl and excedrin migraine bombs at the midgets, and while they're very effective the results aren't permanent. After four or five hours the midgets shake off their stupor, pick up their tools and get right back to work.

I'm okay right now. They're all passed out from the last bombing, but I can feel the strongest starting to stir already. And I cannot afford to let what happened yesterday happen again today.

The midgets will not get the better of me.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better (: I'm a newbie to your blog, and I love it already <3 Esp. the trailing of the Lohan Crash. Yikes. I used to quite like her too. The Parent Trap was my film when I was a kid, haha. xo

  2. Glad you're okay now. I sometimes get migraines before my period and I feel like me head is trying to split itself into two. Ugh!

  3. @Sarah: Thank you :)

    @Gnetch: I wish mine was related to my period. Then it would be easier to deal with. Stupid pollen.

    @Iva: Thanks! I feel much better.

  4. First time here...all the best yea!

  5. @blogoratti: Thank you :) And stop back by anytime!

  6. Midget post! Woo!

    What? No. I'm sorry about your sinuses. I feel your pain. I hope their better by now though. *hug*

  7. @Christina: They're much better but shh don't tell them!