Scanner Shenanigans

by - May 13, 2010

Normally the scanners at work are obnoxiously, annoyingly loud and distracting and I want nothing more than to chunk them out the window. However, I never act out my destructive desire because somehow I fear that destroying the chatter boxes would be detrimental to my position at the station. With that being said, the past two nights haven't been so bad.

Sure, they've still been mostly obnoxious, but there have been some pretty entertaining things to cross the airwaves and prick at my ears.

On Tuesday night I heard this from a Georgia channel:

Dispatch: "Resident didn't answer the phone."
Cop: "You reckon that's because it's 1:00 in the morning and she's asleep?"
Cop 2: "That's what I reckon."
Dispatch: "The other dispatcher asked. Apparently she was supposed to call back."

About five minutes elapse...

Cop: "I know you're not going to believe this but believe it or not, she was asleep."

Then last night (Wednesday), I hear this on some indeterminate channel at an unknown time (I was half-asleep).

Dispatch: "Be advised, caller says there's a gator in the road."
Cop 1: "There's a what?"
Dispatch: "Caller says there's a gator - an alligator - in the middle of County Road 49."
Cop 2: "Hope you got your gator-wranglin' boots on."
Cop 1: "I got my shotgun."
Dispatch: "Be advised, caller says she saw two cars swerve to miss the gator and she almost hit it."
My thoughts: This gator is pissed.

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  1. I wonder what I would do if I saw a gator in the road? Haha!

  2. Hopefully not run it over, ha.