Singin' in the Rain

by - May 05, 2010

It seriously rained for two days straight here, but it wasn't the kind of rain you could go all Gene Kelly and sing in. Oh, no. I'm talking two straight days of this massive storm system just sitting on top of us not moving.

And I thought the pollen would get better because the two days worth of rain would, you know, wash all traces of it away. Nope. When it cleared up yesterday afternoon and the sun came out and dried everything up, I went to get in my car to go somewhere and what do I see covering the hood? Pollen! Wtf?!

So now I'm all itchy and watery again. I just got rid of all that a couple weeks ago and was feeling pretty good (once I stopped taking that nasty decongestant that made me sleepy all the freaking time). Now it feels like the rain washed away the effects of all the medicine I took instead of the pollen. What kind of justice is that?

But there is some pretty cool stuff about the rain. It makes everything real pretty and green, and it smells nice. Plus it's awesome sleeping weather, especially since I sleep during the day. It actually almost felt like I was sleeping at night.

And then there's always kissing in the rain.

And I totally want one of these:

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  1. Looks like that shower would cause water to go everywhere and make a huge mess to clean up daily. :(

  2. I don't think it would. It's supposed to be like a gentle rain so we're not talking high pressure.

  3. That is the single most awesome thing ever. I wished it would have rained two days over here. We got maybe a few hours of rain and now it's hot miserable and dry again. :/

  4. It's hot and humid back thisaway. It sucks.