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by - May 24, 2010

That's me, or at least I feel like that's what I should look like right about now. But it's my own fault for sacrificing a nap in lieu of fun activities.

Did you know there are three stages of sleep deprivation? My friends and I discovered them in college. The first is adrenaline rush. I'm actually on the back nine of this stage right now. It's like you get a second wind or something, which is nice only if you're getting to catch those Zzzzs you so desperately need in a few hours. Hint, my few hours are numbered.

The second stage is anger/sad-hysterical crying. I don't think I'll progress too far into this stage before I leave work. I'll be on the edge of anger though, I'm sure. In other words, I'll be quiet and the cameraman will come in the control room and ask why he hasn't heard me in his headset and then probably laugh at my predicament.

The final stage isn't that hard to guess, or at least I don't think it should be hard for you to figure out. Unconsciousness. I plan on reaching this stage willingly around 7:30 a.m. All phone calls and/or text messages will be duly ignored until my resources have been restored.

Anyway, just wanted to explain why I'm writing this entry at 2:35 in the morning instead of my usual 4:00. If I wait that late, there won't be a post at all. Not that I really have a point to this anyway. Not anymore. I did have something I wanted to talk about but then I reread my notes and realized I must have been asleep when I wrote them because nothing I'd written made any sense at all. But that could just be my sleep deprived brain playing tricks on my eyes. Who knows.

So I bought a Sobe strawberry-banana energy drink on my way to work last night 'cause, you know, I figured I'd need it. It didn't really do much good but that's besides the point of this paragraph. Look at this:

You can click to make it larger.

That is the cap to my energy drink, and just in case you didn't click to make it bigger, it says:
Just like that, actually. In all caps, like it's screaming it at me. Too bad I don't know who she is or what she said, unless she is the universe and she didn't actually say anything but rather laughed uncontrollably at my sad state of sleeplessness. But that's just a theory.

Did you know yesterday was Pacman's 30th birthday? Probably not because you guys aren't nerds like me. Unless you use Google and saw the Pacman thing at the top of it. They turned their homepage into an arcade, but I didn't know that's what it was until after it had been taken down.

Have you ever tried to play one of the original arcade machines? There used to be one in the Mexican restaurant (the one where the Chinese buffet is now and where the steak house was forever ago) back in the back room. I wasted a lot of money in that machine trying to gobble up all those dots and get the fruit while dodging those pesky ghosts. The little joystick is hard to maneuver...

And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but why the heck is that one ghost named Clyde? Is it meant to be special because it doesn't rhyme with the others, or is it some form of punishment for not being a cool color?

Hopefully my sleep deprivation has at least been entertaining for you all. And hopefully it makes sense. You'd actually probably get a kick out of how many typos I've made and corrected, but right now (other than Pacman) nothing has little red squiggles underneath. I feel accomplished.

Oh yeah, and for once in my life technology did not get the better of me. I successfully got a new layout. Tell me what you think of it! (and applaud my technological success story 'cause they're few and far between!)

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  1. I played Pacman on the Google page! :P One note about your layout, it's cool, but the text between your title block and your blog block almost blend in with the background!

  2. First of all, love the new layout, even though it posed problems earlier. Second of all, I lurve Pacman, even if he's oldish.

    Thirdly, I've been through all of those stages of sleep deprivation. I hate adrenaline rush stage. I always hit it right when I go to try to sleep. It sucks.

  3. Yeah, I know but my html skills are a little rusty so I haven't figured out how to fix it yet.

  4. I played Pac Man on Google while at work. And my mutant boss implied that she's watching me. WTF.

  5. Hm. For some reason my comments keep disappearing. And I'm still not satisfied with how they're set up but it will *not* let me change it to what I want... anyway.

    Christina: I used to have the adrenaline rush problem before I moved. By the time I would drive the adrenaline would've kicked back in.

    Gnetch: Your boss sounds creepy.