Space Bags for Hoarders

by - April 04, 2011

I've recently become addicted to the A&E show Hoarders. I don't know why, but it's captivating.

I was watching it earlier today, before Law & Order took over daytime television programming, when an advertisement for Space Bags came on during the commercials.

So I'm thinking, 'How ironic. This is the perfect advertisement for someone who has a hoarding problem.'

In the commercial the voice-over said something along the lines of "Take back your closets."

I'm probably going to a bad place for this, but I started thinking about how you could advertise Space Bags for hoarders.

Hoard more with less evidence.

Take back your closet so you can get more useless junk!

Happy Monday.

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  1. I'm too lazy to log in, but pfffftch. Ashton, I swear! Only *you* would think of that. And I love you for it.



  2. It always takes a timely, ripped from the headlines topic like Space Bags to bring you back to blogging, Ashton! (LOL) Are you admitting to the world that you have a hoarding problem? I never woulda thunk it. You might be too young to remember but Jay Leno was the pitchman for a long running ad campaign for Doritos in which his tagline was "eat all you want... we'll make more!" Space Bags could use a variation of it and tag out with "hoard all you want... we'll make more."