by - March 31, 2011

I feel terrible about the neglect my blog has been seeing lately, but I do have a good reason for my absence.

I got a job in addition to my gig at the station. Not a part-time job like you're thinking of - retail work is nowhere in my planned future.

Actually, I got a freelance job that's making me miss more and more what I was doing in college. I can't divulge a whole lot of details due to the confidentiality agreement I signed, but I can clue you in to the gist of it.

I'm working on a franchise plan for a self-serve yogurt operation. To put things more simply, I'm working on a marketing-type campaign to help this franchise advertise itself to potential buyers.

I finished up my end of phase one of the project last night... well, at 2:00 this morning. Now there are at least 3 more phases to go and some side deals in the works.

So now you know where I've been... learning more about frozen yogurt than I ever wanted to know.

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  1. There's no such thing as TMI when it comes to frozen yogurt, Ashton! (LOL) I'm delighted to find you back on the blog again for whatever reason. At the same time I respect your need to set it aside when you get busy. I know you well enough by now to have complete confidence that you will succeed at any endeavor you choose. If you can spare a couple of minutes tomorrow please visit my blog. It might give you a laugh or two. Thank you, dear friend!