Holy Strippers, Batman!

by - March 01, 2011

Another post about strippers?! You better believe it 'cause this story was just way too good to pass up.

This man in Indianapolis, IN, is suing a strip club after he was hit in the mouth by a shoe that flew off a dancer's foot while she was performing a pole dance.

His lawyer says his client had no way to prepare for what turned out to be an embarrassing and expensive trip to a strip club. The man says the injuries will lead to ongoing dental surgeries.

Apparently the guy was withdrawing money from an ATM and turned his head just at the right moment for the shoe to hit him in the mouth.
That girl must've been really swinging 'round that pole, and I mean really swingin', for her shoe to be flying fast and hard enough to cause enough injury for this guy to need multiple dental surgeries.

Either that or he was getting a little too close to the pole... maybe they should start putting those plexiglass things around the stage like they do at hockey rinks. You know, to prevent spectator injuries.

Just sayin'.

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  1. Looks like I picked a good time to renew my subscription, Ashton! (LOL)

    The club owner could always claim that he didn't know his stripper was loaded.

    The victim's injuries would have been much less severe if he hadn't been panting and drooling at the time.

    The beating the guy took at the strip club was nothing compared to what wifey did to him when he got home that night! "Reattachment" surgery was required!

  2. Stripper's defense lawyer to jury:

    "If the shoe don't fit you must acquit!"

  3. I wasn't aware you had stopped subscribing. D8 I guess that just reinforces my thoughts that my topics have been pretty horrible as of late.

    Oh well, I blame the news. It's been pretty bleak as of late.

    But welcome back and I hope you stick around!

  4. I didn't literally unsubscribe, Ashton. I simply went away because I wasn't getting enough one-on-one interaction with you here and none at all on my blog. Obviously things have changed in the last couple of months. You are making much more of an effort to reply to my comments here and you were nice enough to come over and poke me on mine. That's why I came back and I hope you will continue to reach out and make a meaningful connection with me. It feels good.

  5. I've been trying to get a more solid footing with my work schedule and posting. I don't really get on here when I'm not at work, but we've been in sweeps so I was doing good just to actually get a post up a few times a week. I'm sure you remember what those days are like!