Behind Bars: I Want My Phone Call

by - March 17, 2011

 Suppose you end up here... what do you do?

Hopefully not what this guy I'm about to tell you about did.

A man was arrested in Sandusky, Ohio, for disorderly conduct. When they got him to the police station, officers say he was so out-of-control they were afraid he would hurt himself, another person or cause damage to the facility, so they handcuffed him to the door of his holding cell.

But they failed to take away his cell phone, so he calls 911 for help.

I have, for your listening pleasure, the entire conversation. So take a listen, but be forewarned, parts of it are incoherent and the man is obviously drunk.

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  1. That's hilarious!!

    Did you know my MIL's family is from around there??

  2. I did, actually. I also work with several people who are from up that way and actually dated awhile back a guy from that area. Small world, huh? lol