Behind the Scenes: Lost Car Keys

by - March 09, 2011

Reporter: Where are my keys?
Executive Producer: Did you have 5?
Reporter: No, I had 6.

Pause for searching.

Reporter: Oh! They're in my jacket pocket. [giggle] I'm so cute.

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  1. Over the years I worked with quite a few "gotta love them" screw-up types who got by mainly on charm. Every shop has them. Have a great night in 'Bama, Ashton!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! I think I'm gonna use that "I'm so cute" line in real life when I have a facepalm-y moment.

  3. @Shady: I wouldn't classify this reporter as a screw-up at all. She's actually one of the most rounded of my coworkers and frequently takes on way more than she should have to in one day. It was just a funny moment in the newsroom I wanted to share! :)

    @Gnetch: She's so tiny that it was adorable.