Go Home, Charlie

by - March 02, 2011

Why is Charlie Sheen being considered a top news story?!

I work in the news and don't understand the reasoning. I suppose it's because the public is obsessed with celebrities and what they're doing, but let's be honest here people. Constantly pushing the Charlie drama to the front of our newscasts is only playing into what this crazy man wants.

I trust no one will disagree with the fact that Charlie has pretty much lost it. And if you do disagree, then I guess you didn't catch any of his most recent interviews. I'll give you the cliff notes version - he was raving and completely irrational.

Charlie just needs to take his millions and go home.

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  1. In recent years local newscasts, cable newscasts and network newscasts have all drifted away from strictly a news format to a mixed news and entertainment format. Anchors are dressing more casually and are assuming the role of hosts rather than newscasters. Breaking news and gossip about high profile celebs like Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton fill air time that was once devoted to actual news. It's a disturbing trend. Maybe we put up with it because we can't handle the truth about the multitude of challenges that our country and our world are facing. Maybe the antics of troubled celebrities serve as a distraction, an escape from our own problems.

  2. Charlie Sheen makes Lindsay Lohan look... uhm... sane...? :p

  3. @Shady: I'm glad to be able to say that at my station we still take a more traditional approach to our newscasts. Entertainment news of this nature is pretty non-existent. We did run stuff about the Oscars in the late news and morning show, however, but mainly as fillers because the shows are longer.

    I agree that we probably put up with it as a way to cope with all the bad things happening around us, but at the same time there are entertainment newscasts like E! and I firmly believe that's where all this Charlie Sheen madness should stay!

    @Gnetch: He does, doesn't he? She suddenly seems like a misguided teenager/20-something in light of his lunacy.

  4. Don't be jealous because he's bi-winning.