Caution: New Experience Ahead

by - March 05, 2011

This is what today has been like at work.

My first ever weekend working at the station and we have some moron keep calling over and over again to curse and yell at us about something we can't fix.

Dear Irate Caller,
I'm sorry you can't see your basketball score because the weather alert map is currently activated.
If I could make the storm that's raging through parts of the state go away, I would.
But I'm not mother nature and don't have such power.
No amount of your loudly slurred insults will change that fact.
Your Neighborhood Producer

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  1. Weekends are so boring... I have to work sundays until another producer is hired. Yeah we had tornado warnings a few weeks ago, and people called and were like "UM my game is on"... sorry... FAA kinda regulates that we broadcast when people's lives are in danger..dumb.

  2. I know, right. And we don't have a way to turn it off or move it around. That's controlled at our main traffic place-thing in Tallahassee.

  3. I understand the need to superimpose graphics and sound the tones when severe weather threatens the public safety. However, I don't like the extent to which the TV screen is routinely being junked up, particularly in the years since 9-11. Local stations have become crawl crazy, using them as thinly disguised promos for the upcoming newscast and running them during the newscast while the anchors and reporters are discussing other stories. Add fixed station and network logos, animated graphics promoting entertainment programs, time and temperature gadgets, etc. and it's just too busy...too much multitasking.

  4. hahahaaa!


  5. There should be like a law that says that it's legal to physically assault (punch or stab or whatever) stupid people.

  6. Gnetch - Must I get a restraining order?

  7. @Shady: We don't implement a crawl outside of our newscasts for anything other than weather problems or on election night.

    @Gnetch: We just unplugged the newsroom phone after awhile. He was impeding our ability to work.

  8. @Shady: Actually, we don't even run a crawl for weather situations. It's a watermark map that's in the bottom corner.