Spoofs Are Fun

by - March 03, 2011

I know yesterday I talked about how Charlie Sheen needs to take his millions and go home, but I found this on CBS and thought it was highly amusing so I decided to use it for my 10:00 kicker and share it with you guys!

Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon latest spoof is of none other than the bad boy himself.

It features the lyrics of Sheen's life as of late sung to Michael Jackson's "Bad."

Give it a listen.

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  1. That looked just like the real Charlie, didn't it? That's another aspect of it. A problem child like Charlie Sheen provides the late night talk show comics with a seemingly endless supply of topical jokes.

    Tiger Woods says he wants to improve his game by brushing up on the fundamentals. He ordered the DVD box set of Two-and-a-Half Men.

    Good night, new best friend!

  2. Craig Ferguson actually refused to talk about him, which I think speaks volumes.

  3. Ashton - I have given you a blog award. At your earliest convenience please visit my site, check my latest post and pick up your award. Congratulations, dear friend!