Let's [Don't] Hear Some Chatter!

by - February 27, 2011

The most obnoxious fans EVER.

My station gets season tickets to all of Troy University's home sporting events - football, basketball, baseball, etc. My family is a baseball/softball family so when offered tickets for this weekend's games, I jumped on them and we drove up for today's game.

And unfortunately got to sit in close proximity to those lovely people in that photo up there. [I was sneaky-sneaky and snapped this with my phone from a mere few feet away.] They were by far the most obnoxious, immature fans I have ever had to endure at any sporting event, and that includes the freshmen who sneak their alcohol into football games and get hammered.

Every fly ball - Look at the sun! or Drop it!
Every strike called on Troy - What? We need a new ref!

And then there was the random yelling of chicken box! and anything else you may think of. Not to mention the kicking and beating on the back of the bench we were sitting on.

They were so awful even the children in the stands were staring at them.

I believe in cheering on your team, but doing so at the expense of those around you should be frowned upon and in my opinion banned. They throw unruly people out of bars, why not a baseball game?

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  1. I hear you, Ashton. I once went to a pro baseball game had the experience ruined by a couple of drunks in the back row at the top of the stadium. At one point they lobbed their empty glass liquor bottles as far as possible down into the crowd below not caring at all that there were families with children seated there.

    I remember going to auto races and other sporting events with my parents in the 1950s and early 60s. Sportsmanship still mattered back then. By the late 60s it was already changing. Spectators were becoming intoxicated not only with alcoholic beverages but by a sense of entitlement, believing that their rude, rowdy and disruptive behavior was all part of the game. Families were driven away from sporting events and America lost something valuable in the process.

  2. I think it goes a little farther than that. I think people believe they have the right to behave however they want and when questioned start throwing out their first amendment rights. They always fail to remember that those rights disappear when they start impeding on the rights of others.