Girl Talk

by - February 19, 2011

J: Do you ever think guys deliberately screw up a task so u will quit asking them for help…I mean I know he isn’t retarded so this must be him out smarting me.

Me: Lol yes

J: U get so pissed u r just like go away and I’ll do it myself.

Me: Yep. pretty much

J: But honestly screwing up requires so much more effort than the original task…I mean come on.

Me: Lol and all they have to do is say no in the first place

J: Or he says I’ll do it tomorrow. So then I go ahead and do it right now myself cuz its easier than reminding him to do it 10 times tomorrow.

Me: Yep, and listen to him bitch about you being annoying lol

J: How do we beat them at this game?

Me: Cry

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  1. Haha...just wait til you're married...

  2. What's worse is when they do it but it is really done half-assed; like loading the dishwasher but they put the plates in two smooshed you show them, politely, that one plate goes here and the other goes there and they shout " Hey, do it your self then!" So you apologize and let them do it their way and go behind them correcting their way...its a man thing.