Life of Me: Midget Encounters

by - February 09, 2011

This was too... bizarre not to share.

The boyfriend comes to pick me up from work to take me to a nice dinner at the neighborhood DQ.

We go in, order a crispy and grilled chicken sandwich respectively, fix our drinks and sit down. After we eat, we decide that we want desert, which can only mean one thing at the DQ. ICE CREAM!!!

So we get up and walk to the counter, where there are 3 people placing an order. Two of them are normal-sized men, while the third could pass as a rather puffy child. He was, in fact, a midget, standing at just about waist high on me and nearly as round as he was tall.

The two normal size guys go find a table. The boyfriend and I stand together waiting for the child-person to finish doing whatever it is he's doing.

[In order to properly set up this next part, I must describe the boyfriend to you guys.
6'5-6'6 give or take a couple inches.
4th level black belt in Karate.
a.k.a. a big dude]

The child-person walks in front of us and he totally checks me out. It was obvious because he had to kinda crane his neck to do the full up-and-down move that guys like to do. And to top it off, he nods and smiles at me in approval!

I just stare at him, open-mouthed in shock. The boyfriend, meanwhile, is also in shock.

Did he just check you out right in front of me?! -BF
I think he did. -Me

Then the child-person comes back and tries to strike up a conversation!

This dude had some serious guts.

I should also probably point out that this was my first ever interaction with a person of this nature. Based on this experience, I'm not sure I want to have any more.

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