I Want You Back

by - February 08, 2011

Some seven years ago, Ken and Barbie broke up, shocking the world. Now, Ken wants to get back together and he's mounted a nationwide campaign to win Barbie's heart back over.

Billboards like this one have popped up all over the country with Ken professing his love. Both he and Barbie have been posting messages to Facebook and Twitter hinting at a possible reunion, but everything is still up in the air.

They actually want your help making the decision. All you have to do is go to barbieandken.com and cast your vote.

 I was a typical little girl growing up. My Barbie collection was (and still is) massive. I had the house, the Grand Jeep Cherokee, two horses, the camping gear and all the Disney collectibles.

I played with my Barbies all the way through middle school, and I have to admit there have been times when I've wanted to go up into the attic of my parents' house and drag them all out and set up camp in the middle of the living room. (Of course I don't because I'm a grown-up.)

So do I think Ken and Barbie should try to make things work? Well, seven years is a long time but theirs is a relationship that signifies so much to young girls, and even to us 20-somethings and even those 30-somethings out there. Sure they're just dolls, but at one time the Ken-Barbie relationship represented what every girl wanted, and wouldn't it be great if they patched things up and returned to that coveted status?

I think so.

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