Behind the Scenes: The Squawk-Box

by - February 21, 2011

So at work we have this speaker that is plugged into the CBS mainframe [yes, the one in New York].

For awhile it didn't work. I'm talking months, and let me assure you that no one in this newsroom missed it's random ramblings about random shots the newspath live feed was currently on or the president disembarking his plane in some remote location.

It's started back working recently. After a truck slammed into a power pole right outside our station, knocking out power for a few seconds short of a minute.

There are lots of different people that talk to us all throughout the day. Each address begins with, "Stations..." no matter which announcer person it is, but I have to say that my personal favorite is the woman who never seems to be sure of what she's announcing.

Every sentence she utters into her end of the system ends in a question mark and is filled with hesitancy. Today's afternoon announcements were no exception...

Squawk-Box: Stations... we're going to... [uncertain pause]
Assistant Sports Editor: Funky Town?!

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