When Rivalry Goes Too Far

by - February 16, 2011

I'm all about healthy rivalry and competition. It helps us build character, capitalize on our strengths and build up our weaknesses.

But sometimes rivalries run much deeper than a good-natured elbow in the ribs and a "We beat ya this time around." Sometimes winning the competition becomes so important that it gets twisted and eventually turns into hate.

Toomer's Corner has been a gathering place on Auburn University's campus since the late 1800s.

After a win, the students roll the giant oaks with toilet paper.

He then called into a radio station to brag about the deed. Soil samples were then taken and analyzed.

The dosage this man administered was lethal and now horticulture experts are working to not only save the beautiful oak trees but also to protect the other trees and plants in the area.
This was a horrible act, regardless of which team you cheer for. It's succeeded not only in trodding on school spirit, but it's also destroying a heritage.

And sadly, the sick person who's behind this hideous act is getting just what he wanted: national attention.

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