I Feel Like I'm Walking the Plank on a Sinking Ship

by - October 19, 2011

Just assume that everything you're doing or have done is wrong.

That's what it feels like when the boss is back in town.
Even when you have a legitimate reason for doing or not doing what you did or didn't do, it's going to be wrong. Maybe not today or the next day you do it, but you can bet by the time you get into the habit of doing it that it will be wrong.

It's that inconsistency that keeps me feeling like I'm on a sinking ship. We're bailing out the water and just when we get ahead of the flood, BAM! There's another hole and more water comes gushing in.

I love my job, and I love the people I work with, but the captain of our ship wields an unsteady hammer and the holes it leaves are never the captain's fault.

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  1. By now you know that I've been through everything you're going through, Ashton. I always dreaded those full staff meetings that were held on a regular basis in a large conference room because it always meant that Mr. Big, typically acting on the advice of some misguided media consultant trying desperately to justify his or her existence, was going to change the way we did things... yet again. When are they going to realize that employes are happier and perform better when they can get into a comfortable groove and that viewers like consistency instead of a brand new look and format every few months?

  2. Luckily I don't have to deal with the morning meeting. I may kill someone if I sit through one of those.

    The afternoon meetings are more than enough, especially when more often than not I'm the target of criticism (and a lot of it is undeserved).

    But our news director has this lovely talent of changing something and then two weeks later yelling at us for doing it. It's just frustrating and no one ever knows what's going on.