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by - October 08, 2011

Most of us grew up watching Sesame Street. It's where we learned to count or say our ABCs, and we all felt that those puppets were our friends. Even Oscar with all his grouchiness.

Sesame Street has always served a purpose, and for the most part it's been pretty open minded. It teaches kids how to love one another through all of our differences. And that's something a lot of people don't do nowadays.

Now, the show is introducing a new puppet. Her name is Lily, and she comes from an impoverished family that struggles to get enough to eat.

Lily will be introduced in a one-hour special called 'Growing Hope Against Hunger.' It's sponsored by Walmart and will feature real-life stories of families living in poverty. The goal is to teach kids about famine in a hopeful way.

Right now Lily is only slated to appear in the special, but the show's creators haven't ruled out bringing her back for special appearances.

Sesame Street has addressed various issues since it began back in 1969, including economic insecurity and having parents in the military.

Recently, what with the push for gay rights going on in the country, people have been pushing for Sesame Street to bring Bert and Ernie out of the closet. I'd like them to stay there.

While I support gay rights and am tolerable of their lifestyle, I wouldn't want my three-year-old child learning about homosexuality from Sesame Street. I understand that they will be exposed to it at some point or another, but Sesame Street? That's too much.

And what about all of us who grew up watching Sesame Street believing Bert and Ernie were best friends who were also roommates? Making them homosexual would be like telling all of us that Sesame Street lied.

And let me just say that when I was growing up, I never thought there was something weird about Bert and Ernie's living arrangements. Maybe I was naive, but what three-year-old isn't?

Bringing Bert and Ernie out of the closet is too much. Maybe the creators had some sort of underlying meaning when they dreamed up Bert and Ernie, but maybe just this once it was innocent. But even if it wasn't, children are supposed to be innocent so leave Bert and Ernie's relationship alone.

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