by - December 07, 2011 and have collaborated to create a list of the top five low-paying, high-stress jobs.

Mine made the list.

Maybe I should consider a career change?

But I have a feeling I fit into the little explanation they provided:

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  1. You're one of the few... the proud...

    How many people are cut out to do what you do day after day, Ashton? Not many. Your job is important. You have my respect because I know what you do and how crazy it can be. You challenge yourself and derive satisfaction from meeting that challenge. That's a legitimate measure of success.

  2. Do you love what you do?

  3. @Shia - I do. Shady's comment is really spot on. Every day is a challenge as far as figuring out how to take all the different pieces of my show and blending them together. There's no better feeling than having a clean show.