Wedding Planning, The Beginning

by - December 20, 2011

 Guys, this is really happening. I'm really getting married.

It's exciting and overwhelming and great and terrifying all at the same time.

I've got to find an etiquette book so I don't do anything wrong. Although, I'm really considering throwing the rule book along with all of its superstitions out of the window and doing this thing the way we want to. Etiquette be damned.

If I want a giraffe print garter, why can't I have a giraffe print garter? It's not like it will be visible for anyone to know it doesn't really match the other colors. And besides, isn't this wedding supposed to be a reflection of us as a couple? What better way to express myself than to have giraffe stuff randomly tucked in there? I mean, it's perfect!

So we've been picking out our colors and taking tours of venues ... all while stressing over the money we'll be spending that we don't have to spend.

We've considered just going to the courthouse, but let's be honest.

I want to wear the dress.

And the giraffe garter.

And possibly giraffe print shoes.

After all, my fairy tale wedding isn't exactly that of a princess.

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  1. So excited for you!! Has he said anything about the giraffe theme?

  2. He said we could have a giraffe cake. We're thinking about turning the spots teal.

  3. If you need something old I'm here for you, Ashton. (LOL) I agree that you should freely express yourself in your wedding ceremony, from the choice of venue to the wardrobe to the vows. My gosh, couples have been getting creative with weddings for decades - jumping out of planes, underwater ceremonies, flash mobs showing up at the church to shock and delight the guests - you name it. It's anything goes these days and anybody who really cares about you should support whatever you guys decide to do.

    Merry Christmas, my dear old blog friend! (Yep, you were one of my first followers and I appreciate your support again this year.)