Charity Softball

by - April 22, 2012

For the past five years, my station has teamed up with the other media outlets in town to challenge our elected officials to a softball game. While there is definitely some friendly rivalry going on out on the field, there is a bigger picture. What we're really doing is fighting hunger.

You see, admission to our game is just one can of food. Everything we collect is donated to our local United Way Food Bank.

We had our second practice yesterday - my first (we were moving the day of the first practice). And while moving is painful today, I'm looking forward to the upcoming game. It's in two weeks.

While I was looking for a generic picture of canned food to use, I stumbled on a whole lot of cool canstruction projects and thought I would share some of the ones I liked best. Wouldn't it be cool if we collect enough cans at our game to be able to create one of these?

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  1. I never saw this form of artwork before, Ashton. The large scale of the various displays is impressive and each is beautiful in its own way. There's no reason why your station and/or local food bank can't spearhead a canstruction project even if it is more modest. It's a neat idea and gets folks into the spirit of contributing!

    1. My fiance and I were talking the other day about how neat it would be if some of the local businesses started up their own softball teams and did a charity tournament. Too bad I have no time to organize something of so large a scale.