Impromptu Car Show

by - April 29, 2012

So we were driving around town Saturday, with no real destination in mind, when we passed a randomly placed car show. Of course we had to stop.

Bel Aire

 Now that's an engine.

Inside of an old pick-up.

Retro mustang wheel. Love the spokes.

There were fuzzy dice everywhere.

The power of flowers.

This one was my favorite. Sexyyy.

And in the middle of all the awesome cars sits an El Camino.

Awesome little round mirror.

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  1. I'll have one of each, Ashton! I remember the exciting day in 1955 when I looked out the window and saw my dad and brother drive up to the house in our brand new '55 Chevy. The front end looked like pic #1 except that our car was white over yellow. My brother used to drag race in it on the streets of York, PA.

    1. There was a white over yellow version at the show, as well. The sun was just too bright to get a good picture.

  2. I want these cars so bad!!!

    But I can't drive. Hehe...

    1. In that case, you should get the El Camino.

  3. What a luck day for you! It’s always fun to see old cars restored to their original glory. Making friends with people who have common interest as yours is also possible. I actually do that. ;) But the best part is knowing that there is a piece of history in those cars. Those little details that can only be shared by those who truly have a heart for cars.. :) I love the VW bus with flowers all over it!