Sh*t Crazy Newsroom Callers Say

by - October 31, 2013

This was the first call I took today (Halloween). The verbatim isn't 100% accurate, but you'll get the gist. Happy Halloween?

Caller: Who does sports there?

Me: We have several sports people but they don't come in until later in the day.

Caller: Oh, well who can do a story on wrestling?

Me: We don't typically cover wrestling. Can you give me more information?

Caller: I won ring-side seats to a wrestling match with John Cena...

Me: Let me stop you right there. We don't promote events on other networks.

Caller: Oh, well I understand. But I still want y'all to let me give him a shoutout and wish him luck.

Me: We don't do those types of things.

Caller: I don't understand why not. I just want to tell him good luck.

Me: We're not interested.

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