3 Month Photo Session (2 Months Later)

by - September 08, 2015

Alexis turned 5 months old on Monday. So I figured I should probably share some of the photos from her 3-month session before she grows/changes too much. She's a little different every day - whether it's that's she's a little bigger, learned a new sound, or started doing a new "trick". We're doing a year-long photo session for her first year. At the end of the year, we'll have photos for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months; and we're lucky in that each session will correlate with a holiday -Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas/New Year's and Easter. For our first session, we didn't do anything themed really. But we have a tiara that we'll be using each session to show how much she's grown. Here are some of my favorite 3-month photos:

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  1. She's so cute, Ashton! Happy 5-month birthday to Alexis! I visited my baby grandson a few days ago and was startled to see how much he changed and grew since I last saw him.

    Alexis is a sweet and lovely girl. I am very happy for you, dear friend Ashton!