Monday Motivation

by - September 07, 2015

Hopefully not many of you are having to work on this holiday for laborers. However, as we all know in this business, news doesn't take a holiday (unless you're lucky at Christmas) so I know a lot of you need some motivation to get through this day.

I am:
A journalist.
A mother.
A wife.
A friend.
A sister.
A daughter.
A granddaughter.
A blogger.

What are you?

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  1. Hi, dear Ashton! I am a loyal friend. So are you. Thank you for visiting me today.

    In seminars I learned how people can limit themselves listening to an inner voice that says "Ima." Examples: I'm a bad person. I'm a lazy person. "I'm a loser." The key is to turn down the imaginary loudness control on that voice and replace it with the empowering affirmation "I am." Examples: I am good. I am strong. I am capable. I am worthy.

    Thank you for giving us food for thought this Monday, dear friend Ashton, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. You are a loyal friend, indeed! Thanks for stopping by!

      Here lately I've been guilty of saying "I am tired" a lot. It's not wrong but I'm trying to limit myself from saying it quite so often. After all, I'm tired because of the decisions I've made, and I'm happy with the decisions I've made.