Monday Motivation

by - August 31, 2015

This week's Monday Motivation is a little late. I started the week off at the doctor's office after developing bronchitis over the weekend. A shot in the hip, some strong cough medicine and a 2-hour uninterrupted nap later and I don't sound like I've got a frog stuck in my throat anymore. Anyway, this week's motivation hits really close to home for me. Once I decided I wanted to be a journalist, I really didn't dream much further than being able to tell the stories that the people I grew up with and around cared about. Now that I'm reporting a couple days a week covering my hometown and surrounding area, I'm realizing that dream didn't die. It evolved a little and got pushed to the side for a little while, but it never really went away. I may have started realizing my dream a little late but that's okay. I'm getting back to the roots of *why* I wanted to do what I do and that's a great thing. Happy Monday!

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