28 Years of Thankfullness

by - November 23, 2015

In three days I will be one year closer to 30. That's right. On Thanksgiving, I will begin the last year of my 20s.

I've accomplished a lot during my 29 years of being alive, and while the past month or so hasn't been the best time of my life, I really do have a lot to be thankful for. So as I wind down year 28, I'd like to reflect on those things, hence the following list of 28 things I'm thankful for.

1. My wonderful husband, without who I probably would have gone crazy over the past five years.

2. My beautiful baby girl who brings joy to every day, no matter how terrible of a day it was.

3. My parents. Growing up we didn't always have the newest or most-expensive things but when it came to love and involvement, we truly were spoiled. Now that I'm older and a mom, I'm truly grateful that I had such great examples to emulate.

4. My three best friends. You know you share a special bond when you can see each other once a year but it feels like you were just together yesterday.

5. Growing up in a small town. There's something to be said for knowing your neighbors.

6. Being able to lose myself in a good story.

7. Having a job. I may not like it every day, but I know I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do something I enjoy for a living.

8. Mountain Dew.

9. Situations that show people for who they really are, even when you don't like what you see.

10. All of my followers - here on the blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

11. Naps.

12. Bubble baths.

13. Living close enough to my family that I can see them whenever I want.

14. Cell phones. As aggravating as they can be, I am thankful for the ability to stay connected.

15. Music.

16. Date nights, even when we don't do anything at all.

17. DVR. Otherwise I would never get to watch my favorite shows.

18. Sleep!

19. My coworkers. I may not relate to them all the time (age difference) but they keep me laughing most days.

20. The production crew at the station. None of my "visions" would come to fruition and look the way I imagine them.

21.Our pediatrician. He is so good with Alexis and patient with us new parents.

22. Sunshine.

23. My Jackson pup.

24. Warm, fuzzy blankets.

25. Orajel, especially the night-time formula.

26. Criminal Minds marathons on ion television; Supernatural marathons on TNT; and The Big Bang Theory marathons on TBS.

27. Crock pots.

28. Another birthday.

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  1. Hi, dear Ashton!

    BAZINGA! Happy birthday to you! I hope you aren't feeling ancient at age 29 because I turned 66 last Friday. When you sum it all up you really do have a lot for which to be thankful. We all do. I am thankful to have you as my oldest blog friend.

    Mrs. Shady and I were in your neck of the woods again recently when we took another trip to the mountainous area of east central Alabama north of Opelika and Auburn University. Enroute we drove past the Dothan exit and I thought of you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and especially your darling little girl.

    1. HAHA! No I do not feel ancient! I actually still feel like I'm 22 ... until I'm around actual 22-year-olds, that is!

      I have some friends that live in that area of Alabama (probably not surprising). It's beautiful up there! Hope you enjoyed your visit.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, my friend!