Monday Motivation

by - November 16, 2015

I'm struggling with this these days but I am trying to work toward it. Maybe these words will help motivate someone out there to let go of a painful situation and move forward with their life.

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  1. i hope you will be ok!!!!

    not sure if this helps, but figured i might as well share. a friend/co-worker of mine suddenly passed away mid-october. it was so shocking, so upsetting, just awful awful awful awful. it has been a month since he died and it doesn't hurt quite as much at this point. i still miss him and wish he was still alive. but my theory is that i cannot maintain heightened levels of stress, anxiety, hopelessness, rage and despair endlessly. at least i hope not! somehow, someway things seem to get better. at least i hope so!

    and i hope things get better for you too. sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be ok and to move on.