Newsroom Fashion: Dress Remix + Sick Day

by - August 28, 2016

Sorry for another extremely late post. It was a really rough week, and to be honest, sleep was way more important than this post...

You may remember this dress from several weeks ago. You know back when mistakenly I paired it with black accessories. This time I chose an olive green jacket and my new ankle boots. It may not be feeling any cooler here in South Alabama, but I can at least think about fall with this outfit.

Dress: Wet Seal similar
Jacket: old Maurice's (similar)
Boots: ShoeDazzle

When's the last time you worked even though you weren't 100% well? Thankfully because I'm behind the scenes I can dress pretty casually, so when I returned to work after being out with strep throat I could get away with this jeans and t-shirt combo. What I love about this shirt is that while it'sbasic, the embroidery gives it personality. I'm wearing a medium for looseness. However, the neck is very loose so I'm wearing a white camisole under it for coverage.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

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