Teeth-Brushing Song

by - August 31, 2018

As parents, we come up with all kinds of tricks and gimmicks to teach our kids how to do things. Songs are one of the easiest ways to help little ones learn, so when we first started to let Alexis brush her own teeth I made up a little song to make the process more fun. Now I have to sing this song every morning.

(To the tune of Row Your Boat. Repeat as many times as necessary.)
Brush, brush, brush,
Brush, brush, brush,
Brush, brush, brush your teeth.
Up and down
And side to side
And everywhere in between.

Brush 'em fast;
Brush 'em slow;
Brush 'em one by one.
Don't forget to brush your tongue,
And then you will be done.

Image via WeHeartIt

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