15 Free or Cheap Things To Do This Fall

by - October 16, 2018

It's my favorite time of the year! Fall means festivals and boiled peanuts and finally some cooler weather (eventually...). It also means your afternoons and evenings are probably filled with some kind of school activity, be it homework, clubs or sports. And while it's great having that routine back, it's important to throw some fun into the mix every now and again. In this post I'm sharing 15 free or cheap things you can do with your family with lots of links to Wiregrass attractions.

1. Visit a U-Pick Farm - This is one of my favorite things to do all year long. Alexis loves picking her own fruit and vegetables, and in the fall Aplin Farms pulls out all the stops. They have the most pumpkins to choose from, a fun playground, lots of kids activities including animals, and a corn and sunflower maze.

2. Go to a Festival/Fair/Carnival - Ride the rides, splurge on yummy fair food, catch a midway act, and support your local economy. Favorites in our neck of the woods include Fall Farm Day and the National Peanut Festival.

3. Play Hide and Seek with Glow Sticks - Take your favorite childhood game up a notch. Turn out the lights and give everyone a glow stick. Alexis loves this version of hide and seek!

4. Make Fall/Halloween Decorations - Whether you carve/decorate a pumpkin or make paper plate crafts, your kids will get a kick out of creating their own fall decor.

5. Have a Fall/Halloween Movie Marathon - There are so many fall and Halloween movies out there. If you don't know what to watch, check out my fall movie guides from a couple weeks ago.

6. Make Your Own Costume(s) - OK, so this is one we won't be doing because I'm not that creative, but even if you're in the same boat as me you can still get creative by using makeup and hair colors.

7. Bake Something - Even if it's just something out of a box, your kid'll have fun mixing up the ingredients, licking the batter off the spoon, and then eating their yummy creation.

8. Collect Leaves or Pine Cones - Have a scavenger hunt of sorts in your backyard! You can look for different shaped leaves or different shaped pine cones. Once you've filled up a basket, you can use them in art projects or to decorate! Just make sure you bake the pine cones to kill any bugs first.

9. Go on a Hayride - I have so many memories of going on hay rides as a child. Make sure you take cozy blankets!

10. Visit a Corn Maze - Nothing says fall like getting lost in a corn maze. If you're in the Wiregrass, you should definitely check out the one at CornDodgers Farm.

11. See Scarecrows - Spend some time outside with your family. You can pick your favorites, pose for silly pictures, and get ideas to make your own! Our favorites are at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens.

12. Have a Bonfire - Even if all you've got is a fire pit in the backyard, throw some wood on and light it up! You can tell stories, sing songs, star gaze, and get in some quality family time.

13. Make S'mores - Who doesn't love a s'more? Grab some sticks or old wire hangers that have been straightened out, roast those marshmallows and squish them between some graham crackers with a Hershey bar. Instant good time.

14. Make Up Your Own Ghost Stories - Every town has some kind of urban legend or ghost story. Take a cue from them and make up your own. You could even do it round-robin style where everyone adds just one line.

15. Have a Backyard Carnival - You can paint faces, make your own games out of old cardboard boxes, and even buy little prizes for the winners. Keep it all in the family or invite the neighborhood!

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