5 Truths About Working from Home I Didn't Expect

by - October 22, 2018

The past four months of working at home have been so great. I get to make my own schedule, make my own rules, and work in a relaxed atmosphere. Having said that, transitioning from the structure of working in an office to working above the garage has come with a learning curve. Last month I talked about the biggest adjustment - going from a 9-to-5 to a work when you want schedule. Today, I'm sharing five things I've learned in the last four months that were a little surprising.

1. I'm more productive when I "dress up," wear makeup and fix my hair. Not that I've ever truly been the person to spend all day in pajamas or sweats (unless I'm sick), but I've found I don't get as much accomplished on the days where I don't get dressed and do at least minimal makeup and hair maintenance. I certainly don't dress to the same standard as when I was the executive producer of a news station, but when I feel put together and ready for anything, I get more accomplished.

2. This one is so silly, but I feel guilty about taking my daughter to daycare and then going right back home. Of course, other people's attitudes about me not keeping her at home don't necessarily help this feeling. I find myself constantly having to remind myself how good our daycare, which is set up and run like a preschool, has been for Alexis. I couldn't do half of the things they're doing for her if I kept her at home, and I dang sure couldn't publish a magazine every month.

3. The free time is amazing but off-putting. It's an odd statement, I know, but I'm still not used to having so much down time in my day. I can get a load or two of laundry done each day; my kitchen actually stays clean; and I can read without staying up all night.

4. I still need breaks. Yes, I know how that sounds having just written out number three, but it's true. This job is based solely on working on a computer. After hours of sitting and scrolling and staring at a bright screen, I need a break. And because my husband also works, sometimes that break is leaving the house for a few minutes. Sometimes I drive down to the corner gas station and get a cold drink; other times I walk aimlessly around a store.

5. This may be the most frustrating truth about working from home. I still don't get to watch shows the nights they air. Even though our bedtime routine is no longer rushed. Even though most nights dinner has been cooked and eaten and the kitchen cleaned up by 7:00 p.m. I still don't get to watch my shows until the next day or sometimes the next week. That's called parenthood.

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