Dressing Alexis for Spring

by - February 27, 2019

Spring likes to show up early in south Alabama, and with the exception of a rogue week or two of winter making a last-minute appearance in March, we can pretty much ditch the sweaters and sweatshirts after February. Last year's Shopping for Alexis post about my favorite cute, budget-friendly brands was one of my most-read posts, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our favorite Spring finds so far now that we're in that weird transition from toddler sizes to little girl sizes.


JCPenney has always been my go-to for cute affordable clothes. We've mostly started shopping in the little girls section now. Alexis wears the smallest size, XXS or 4/5. The rainbow shirt in the first picture is a favorite and getting lots of wear. Unfortunately, I can't find it online. She also has this magical unicorn potion shirt which is the same style. My mom picked up the cherry outfit (shirt, leggings) as a Valentine's Day option.


It's hard to believe, but we actually haven't bought a lot from Target this season, but we're in love with these A-line dresses. They come in so many different fun patterns. So far we've just got the unicorn and flower versions, but I'm sure we'll add a couple more to the collection. Both are from the little girls' section. Alexis is wearing a size 4.


Garanimals are such good basics. They're perfect to send to daycare or school because they're so low-priced you don't have to worry about wasting your money. We just picked up quite a few things from our local Walmart, including the adorable peplum top in the picture above, a couple of graphic tees (pineapple and rainbow), some denim shorts, and a black and pink pair of soft shorts. Word of warning for anyone who's new to Garanimals - their shirts tend to shrink so I suggest sizing up one. Alexis wears a 5T in tops and 4T in bottoms. (Sorry for all the links to double products. Walmart doesn't have any of this stuff listed separately on their site.)

Old Navy

I have absolutely no pictures of Alexis wearing any of her Old Navy clothes (other than the jelly shoes in the last picture), but I wanted to link to them anyway. We've found Old Navy's jelly shoes are better quality than other places, plus they smell like fruit. We got all of these from the little girls' section, but I could only find the yellow flower tunic in the toddler section of the website. Alexis is either a 5T or XS/5 in clothes and size 10 shoe at ON. (Click the pictures below to shop)

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