Valentine's Outfit Inspiration for Day & Night

by - February 13, 2019

If you've got red, pink, purple or floral print in your closet, you can create an outfit worthy of Valentine's Day, whether you'll be spending it at the office, on a date, or attending a party of one on the couch. I hope these pairings help inspire you to create new looks with stuff you already own!

Shirt: Old Navy | Pants: JCpenney | Shoes: Dillard's (similar)
1. Red Pants + Pink/Red Print Top + Conservative Pumps
This first look is perfect for the office and can be customized pretty easily. Swap out the pants for a skirt; instead of red on bottom, try pink. If your workplace has a strict dress code, add a coordinating blazer.

Shirt: JCPenney (similar) | Skirt: The Limited (similar) | Shoes: Target
2. Feminine Skirt + Printed Too + Nude Sandals
This is another office-appropriate look but also work for date night. I chose a pleated midi skirt and blouse with a ruffle collar for added feminine touches. If it's cooler where you are pick a long sleeve blouse and pumps.

Shirt: JCPenney (similar, similar) | Pants: JCPenney | Shoes: Dillard's (similar)
3. Lace Blouse + White Pants + Matching Sandals
Nothing says romance quite like lace. Keep things chic by pairing it with white pants (or a skirt) and statement sandals. This works for a casual office, girl's date, or date night.

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar) | Cardigan: Charlotte Russe (similar) | Skirt: Target (similar) | Shoes: Target
4. Rainbow Skirt + Light-Colored Tee + Bright Cardigan + Nude Sandals
I still love this skirt and am continuously looking for new ways to wear it. If you don't have a rainbow skirt in your closet, you can  pull off a similar look by using a bright multi-colored skirt and matching the colors.

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt: Kohls (similar) | Shoes: Target (similar)
5. Black Skirt + Feminine Blouse + Black Sandals
The secret to making this outfit less basic is in the details of the individual pieces. My skirt is subtly patterned and my shirt has lace details. A leather skirt would work as well, and you can always swap out the sandals for booties.

Shirt: JCPenney | Jeans: JCPenney (similar) | Booties: Shoe Dazzle (similar)
6. Fun Jeans + Tied-Up Thermal + Booties
This is my "working from home on Valentine's Day" outfit. Comfy and casual. I'm not sure if bedazzled jeans are still a thing but the sparkle in this pair sure give an otherwise plain outfit a little boost.

Sweatshirt: ModCloth (great options) | Leggings: Kohl's | Shoes: Shoe Dazzle (similar)
7. Feminine Sweatshirt + Leggings + Sneakers
If your plans are not to leave your couch, this outfit is for you! An oversized floral print sweatshirt and comfy leggings.  You can even swap the sneaks for slippers.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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