What I Read July and August 2019

by - August 30, 2019

I read a lot during my blog/social media hiatus. However, most of what I read was shorter stories that all fell into kind of the same genre, so I decided for the sake of this post to only include the four books that I didn't read in one sitting and that aren't part of a series that I'm in the middle of.

The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy
Author: Nora Roberts

Comprised of Dark Witch, Shadowspell, and Blood Magick, this series focuses on three cousins living in the modern world who are fulfilling their ancestors' quest to rid the world of a great evil. The first book focuses on Iona, the second on Connor, and the third on Branna. Throughout the journey, they find love and connect with the original three.

My first foray into Nora Roberts is all thanks to my mother, who sent this complete series home with me one weekend. I've never had a desire to read any of Roberts's books, despite knowing many people (like my mom) who love her work. These sparked my interest because of the magic. I grew up on Harry Potter, lost myself in The Lord of the Rings, read everything Tamora Pierce wrote, and fell in love with The Paper Magician. Fantasy is my absolute favorite thing to read, be it based on the real or a made-up world, and this series did not disappoint.

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler
Author: Kelly Harms

Amy Byler has forgotten who she is in the years since her husband left her and their children. She's devoted herself to her job as a school librarian and mother, never taking time for herself, but then the wayward husband returns and wants to be part of his kids' lives...at least for the summer. Amy reluctantly agrees and heads to NYC to visit her college BFF, who also happens to be a magazine editor, and attend a school librarian conference. While there, Amy reconnects with herself as a woman and finally starts to move on.

I totally picked this book based on the cover and then spent the better part of a week reading it. This is not a book I would recommend to just anyone. It's a bit slower paced and the humor is understated, but I did like the story and Amy reminded me of my mom a bit. I also liked how the author incorporated journal entries from Amy's daughter throughout.

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