Monday Motivation

by - September 09, 2019

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks for continuing to be patient with me as I ease back into regular blogging in a way that doesn't feel forced or obligatory. I've been surprised over the last two months or so at how little I've missed it, which speaks to just how caught up in the culture of 'I have to post every day!' I had gotten. I think I've successfully broken that habit, but now I've got rebuild a healthy blogging relationship.

It's always kind of a weird thing to find myself in a slump. I usually realize it after I've been in it for awhile. Whether that's me subconsciously ignoring the signs or just being too busy to notice them, I couldn't tell you, but I'd like to think I'm getting better these days at taking breaks and making my mental health a priority.

On the plus side, we're almost finished painting our house and will be moving on to the floors soon (although I can't say I'm looking forward to the physicality of that part), and the magazine has officially entered its second year so I'm no longer having to build each issue from scratch. With Alexis having a set schedule for school, I'm able to set a more firm schedule for myself when it comes to work, and while it's still not very comparable to a desk job, having a range of hours dedicated just to the magazine every day is definitely helping me set clearer boundaries with my time.

To anyone going through a similar season of life, I hope you know that things will get better and remember that it's not selfish to cut back on things (or people) that unnecessarily drain you. Your time to bloom will come back around.

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