What I Read October 2019

by - November 12, 2019

This edition of What I Read would be more accurate named 'what I finished reading in October.' Because I started quite a few books and series last month, some of which I'm still in the process of reading and others that I ditched after only a few chapters. Since I only finished five books last month, three of which were shorter and made up a series, I thought it would be fun to share what I'm currently reading. As always, leave your recommendations in the comments!

Surviving Amber Springs
Author: Siobhan Davis

This is definitely a YA book, and I feel like I need to include the fact that it features a polyamorous relationship early in my review. I decided to read this book because the underlying conflict was so different from anything I've read recently. The main female character's twin brother went on a shooting spree at their high school, targeting the group that made his sister's life hell. Blair and her parents flee their town in search of a new life, but even with new identities it all catches up with them.

The Bette Davis Club
Author: Jane Lotter

Not gonna lie: I decided to read this book solely based on the car in the description. A middle aged woman whose life has been good but not great sets out on a road trip with a jilted groom in search of his runaway fiance in her late father's classic MG. This is definitely a story of a woman who has lost her way in life finding her way back to herself. The main character has a dry wit and even drier taste in martinis. This book proves that the journey is just as worthwhile as the destination.

Dark Legacy Trilogy (Broken Wings, Broken Trust, Broken Legacy)
Author: Jaymin Eve & Tate James

I don't know why I keep getting drawn in by these dark romance books lately, but this one isn't quite as cliche as others I've read. Of course, the main female character is thrown into a world she doesn't fit into where she goes up against so-called 'kings' before falling for one of them. What sets this book apart is the fact that the MFC was born to a mega-rich couple but the mother pretended she died and gave her up for adoption. Then, when her older brother was killed, the mother reclaimed her daughter, and it is anything but a happy reunion. Now Riley and the other heirs are on a mission to uncover the real motive behind her mother's actions.

What I'm Reading Now

Traitor's Masque: A Reimagining of Cinderella - After her father's death, Trystan's stepmother keeps her hidden away, but Trystan isn't ready to give up just yet. Freedom may be within her grasp if she attends the royal ball and not ask too many questions.

Accidental Knight - Bella is the sole beneficiary of his will. He's left her control of the family business, the family ranch, and, oh yeah, a husband.

The Snow Gypsy - Rose Daniel is searching for her brother, who disappeared during WWII somewhere in Spain leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend. That child is rescued by Lola Aragon, whose entire family was killed. Rose, Lola, and the child set out on a journey that shows them war's darkest truths and changes their lives forever.

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