What I Read February 2020

by - February 28, 2020

February was such a busy month. Between multiple school functions, my grandfather dying, and my own minor surgery, the month was over before it felt like it really began. My reading was kind of all over the place. I would say two were definite wins, one was interesting but short, and the series started out promising but kind of fizzled.

The Titanic Secret
Author: Clive Cussler

Detective Isaac Bell helps a group of American miners keep a bunch of Byzantium out of enemy hands. This book is a kind of prequel to Raise the Titanic, a Dirk Pitt adventure (that I haven't read and have not been able to find a copy of). It's essentially Dirk learning about detective Isaac Bell through a sort-of shared adventure involving the Titanic, although the ship plays a pretty small part in Bell's side of the story.

The Designer
Author: Marius Gabriel

This was definitely my favorite book from the month. An American woman, Copper, follows her journalist husband to war-torn France where they end up divorcing when he doesn't stay faithful. Copper remains in Paris to pursue her own dream of becoming a journalist, gathering around her an eclectic set of friends including Christian Dior.

Author: Ava Martell

I'm not going to lie. I decided to read this book because of my love for Supernatural. Someone has trapped souls meant for Hell on Earth and the Devil ascends to figure out who and put a stop to the chaos. While there, he runs into Grace, the last living descendant of God. The two have an instant connection.

Order of the Akasha
Author: E.M. Moore

When Norah follows the tug of magic from New Orleans to Salem, it leads her to the local Order of the Akasha coven. She's the first female coven member in centuries, and someone has it out for her new family. I liked the idea behind this story, but like many of these newer authors on Kindle Unlimited, I felt like the story was spread out over too many books. I also figured out who the bad guy was pretty early so the 'big reveal' wasn't all that special for me. I was also disappointed in the ending. It felt too simple.

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