Floral Dress + White Leather Jacket

by - February 29, 2020

Is there such a thing as too many floral dresses? If you answered yes, you might be visiting the wrong blog. In all seriousness, though, floral is my absolute favorite print, which is a good thing considering it's very trendy for Spring this year.

Target is awash with floral dresses right now. I usually stay away from the Wild Fable brand as it usually feels a little too young and on-trend for me, plus the sizing doesn't typically work for me. But I'm glad I made an exception for this dress.

On the website, the dress is listed as white floral, but I think it's more yellow than white with green and light pink/purple mixed in. The pattern is what would be considered 'ditsy floral' because there's not really any negative space.

The buttons are non-functional so no worries about gaping. The sleeves are puffed, which you can't see because of my white leather jacket (which I didn't realize I needed until I bought it), and the cuffs are elasticized. The material is not see-through, which is hard to find these days. The bottom has a ruffle but it's not super pronounced.

As with anything I buy in this brand, I sized up to a large.

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