Monday Motivation + 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

by - April 20, 2020

This 'storm' we're all living in at the moment is dragging on. I've had several discussions in recent days about how this pandemic doesn't mean we all have to stop living and enjoying life. I firmly believe that none of us has to stay cooped up inside our homes for weeks on end. Of course, there are responsible ways to do everything in times like these. For example, I will continue to avoid overly-crowded stores (I'm looking at you, Walmart and Lowes), and we will continue to keep Alexis's contact limited (she has asthma, so duh). But when outdoor spaces begin to reopen, we will be taking advantage of the change of scenery, while still practicing social distancing.

In the meantime, I've been doing my best to focus on the good in every day. Some days are harder than others, but I thought it would be fun to share 5 things I'm loving that are helping me dance, so to speak.

1. The Holderness Family videos - I follow a lot of family-oriented social media accounts, and they're all doing such a good job of offering up positive content for these weird times. While I enjoy all of them, the Holderness family has been posting daily funny videos specifically for the pandemic. It's a guaranteed way to add laughter to your day, and I am 100% here for that, pandemic or not.

2. Not Having to Set a Daily Alarm - Despite my preference to get things done early, I'm not really a morning person, especially when an alarm is involved. Since Alexis doesn't have to be at school by a certain time, we're able to wake up a little more organically (even though Alexis gets up earlier than I'd prefer).

3. The Facebook support group I'm a part of. It's filled with moms and women all offering support, ideas, and just general camaraderie. It was created in direct response to the pandemic, but I hope it continues even after things get back to normal.

4. My Cuddl Duds socks. I picked up a pack at Sam's during the holidays because I'd been hearing so much about them, and let me tell you they are totally worth the hype. These are the best socks for just being at home. They're warm but not super thick, and you can get them in all different colors and patterns.

5. Styrofoam/Paper plates and red solo cups. Seriously. Since everyone is home all day long, it means we're having more meals at home than usual, and ain't nobody got time for the uptick in dirty dishes (especially since our dishwasher crapped out right before all this started and we just now got it replaced). The only thing that would make it even better is a pack of plastic cutlery. *adds to grocery list*

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