What I Read June 2020

by - July 01, 2020

What I Read June 2020

I read a lot in June. Like, a lot a lot, if you can't tell by the graphic. To be fair, a good bit of it was done in the first week while I was mostly bed-bound after my surgery. I'd rather read than watch TV or movies, so it was pretty non-stop. There were several books/series that I started but decided not to finish (one because the editing was so atrocious I just couldn't get past it), and I chose not to include two series I read because they each have companion series that I either haven't read or aren't out yet. I feel like my book count will probably be lower for July as I start doing more and trying to get my body back in shape post-surgery, so enjoy this booksplosion while you can!

Ballers of Rockport High

Author: E.M. Moore

Tess is the daughter of a former NBA player. When her parents get divorced, her father pulls his funding from her school, causing the school to dissolve the girls' basketball team. Tess has dreams of one day playing for the WNBA and convinces her mother to let her transfer to the local public school where she tries out and makes the boys team, which is the best in the state. I usually don't include books like these in my monthly reviews because they're quick and dirty reads to fill in the gaps between my more in-depth reading, but I liked the story of a girl proving she can make it in a boys' world. Warning, this is a contemporary romance where the main female character doesn't choose between love interests.

Twyst Academy

Author: D.D. Chance

You know I love strong female characters, and Maddigan Pierce definitely fits the bill. While working as a janitor at a prestigious university for mages, Maddigan solves puzzles left on the professors' white boards for kicks, never thinking she'll get caught, but one night it happens. Turns out Maddigan is a war mage, and she soon finds herself enrolled in the university and on a team competing in the dangerous Mage Trials where the stakes are much higher than just passing or failing. 

Dark Angel Academy

Author: G. Bailey

Kaitlyn Lightson has lived with ghosts her entire life, literally. When she and her best friend die in a car accident, they both learn they've been destined to become angels and must attend Angel Academy. Soon, Kaitlyn discovers her ghost-seeing ability didn't die with her and befriends a dead vampire who, unbeknownst to her, has a vendetta against angels. Soon, Kaitlyn learns her own heritage isn't as black-and-white as she believes and finds herself in the middle of a war between vampires and angels. This series has direct ties to the Lost Time Academy and Demon Academy series, which are part of the world I first lost myself in with Her Guardians.

Hidden Creek Bay Falls

Author: Jaxson Kidman

I'm lumping these all together because they exist in the same 'world' and there's a lot of overlap. Also, I mentioned them in my post about 30 books I want to read, so I felt obligated to include them here. I unknowingly entered this world in the middle of the timeline, but rest assured, the different series within can exist without the others. If I had to recommend one complete series out of the ones involved, it would be Hidden Creek. I found it to be the most cohesively written and enjoyed its writing style the most. However, my favorite character can be found in the first of the Bay Falls High series.

The Hidden Creek series begins with the story of Wes and Aira (books 1-4). Aira moves in with her aunt in Hidden after her home is burned down, while she and her mother were inside. She soon reconnects with Wes, her childhood neighbor, and they along with their friends find themselves in one situation after another. Books 5-8 are about Nova and Elijah and all the issues they have to overcome to be together. There are two books in the HC world I have not read yet and probably won't.

To be fair, I read the first three books of the Bay Falls High series last year. It starts with the story of Tinsley, who's taken in by her drug addicted mother's old school friend after her mother nearly dies from an overdose. Tinsley finds herself attending a quote-unquote rich school where she becomes involved with the Rulz (stupid name, I know) - Pres, Kip, and Barr. They go from enemies to friends and finally Pres and Tinsley become a couple. There are a lot of non-relationship issues in this first trio, mostly revolving around drugs. After UNTouched, UNLoved, and UNTamed, you'll want to read the follow-ups from the boys' points of views: Pres, Kip, and Barr (my fave).

Then you can move on to NOT SO Innocent, the story of Belle. It's really similar to Tinsley's story, except instead of a druggie for a mother, Belle's mom has a string of really bad relationships. Like Tinsley, Belle is taken in by an old friend of her mother's, but instead of attending Bay Falls High West, she goes to East, where she soon falls in with Ash, Hil, and Uly, otherwise known as Them (another stupid name, I know). Because they're told from first person POV, these three were a little harder for me to get through thanks to the way Belle thinks. As with BFH-West, there are three follow-up books from the boys' POVs: Uly, Hill, and Ash.

There are three more books in this world that focus on the other school that's involved, Brooks Crest. I haven't read them, and at the moment have no plans to.

Dirty Deal

Author: Crystal Kaswell

Kat is a struggling waitress trying to take care of her teenage sister in the wake of their parents' deaths when a chance encounter with a tech CEO leads to the deal of a lifetime. Blake will get Kat out of debt and ensure her and her sister's futures if she agrees to marry him. The contract is for one year of wedded bliss, and love is off the table. Kat accepts and tries her best to guard her heart, but we all know how this story goes. The general plot line was predictable, but the story was enjoyable and there were a few tear-jerker moments.

Regretting You

Author: Colleen Hoover

Let me just start by saying that this book deserves the hype it's gotten. A mother and her teenage daughter find their world in pieces when their husband and father is killed in a car accident, along with their sister/aunt. Grief, guilt, and anger, finds the two of them in vastly different places, unable to find common ground. Each finds new love in unexpected places and start to work toward being a family again. I was hooked from the first chapter, and the final scene was one of the best I have ever read.

Raleigh High Rebels

Author: Callie Hart

This series deals with a lot of tough topics - rape and school shootings being the biggest two. The author handled both skillfully and weaved together a story that had me reading into the early morning hours. Silver is the school's pariah, accused of falsely accusing three of the most popular guys of drugging and raping her at a party. When no one believes her, she loses everything and does her best to be invisible within school halls. Alex is transferred to Silver's school after he's caught desecrating the grave of his former abusive foster parent. He and Silver soon become a couple, and he sets out to right the wrongs against her. Their story has so many ups and downs, and like I said earlier touches on many sensitive subjects, but man was it worth the ride.

The Redemption Saga

Author: Kristen Banet

Sawyer Matthews is in hiding. After spending three years forced to be a madman's assassin, she died and has been keeping a low profile as a thief for hire ever since. When one of her jobs puts her back in her former boss's crosshairs, Sawyer decides it's time to retire for good and devote all her time to the gym she helps run for troubled kids in NYC, but her little run-in with Axel is caught on camera and a team of special agents brings her in to use in their endeavor to capture the world's foremost criminal mastermind, not knowing she is the assassin called Shadow. Of course, her secret doesn't stay secret for long, and Sawyer strikes a deal with the magical governing body to join the team and bring down Axel and work to atone for her past crimes.

Not only does this series have a strong, intelligent, fierce main female character, but the men she surrounds herself with are also wonderful. The author's character development is on point. Definitely read this if you're a fan of the Kit Davenport series.

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